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Giulia Olivares
Giulia Olivares

Based in Milano, Italy, she works as an illustrator and author and is the leader of this terrific team.
After a degree in Literary Criticism, she decided to create her own books rather than further deepening abstract questions.
She loves colours, plants, cooking and eating.
She definitely doesn’t eat slugs.

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Lola Slug

The adorable protagonist of kids’ books, lover of tarts, tech, art and (of course) vegetables, she is the first slug running on iPad.

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Drillo & Pollo

Drillo (Italian for ‘Dile’) is a crocodile speaking in rhyme, lover of gardening, chef and bricoleur.
Pollo (Italian for ‘Chicken’) is his opposite and his best friend.
Their comic series was initially published on the Italian magazine Focus Pico.
Now they have their own independent blog where they publish tourism tips, old and new adventures.

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Acqua Sanpellegrino, De Agostini, Garzanti, Giunti, Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori, La Nuova Faro, Oviesse, Petrini, Rusconi-Hachette and more.

Milan Presse

Little Bear – Longken and Cynosure

United Kingdom:
Usborne Publishing

Questions? Contact Giulia

She speaks Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

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