Lola Slug

At the Exhibition - The First Story of a New Series of App Books.

Story, artwork, animation and direction: Giulia Olivares
Narration and funny voices: Lisa Biggs
Italian narration: Vox Farm, Attilio Salinetti (direction), Riccardo (voice)
Translation: Anthony Majanlahti

Lola is adorable! Her book app uses a font carefully designed for early readers. Choose between the all-uppercase text and normal text. Listen to professional narration, or enjoy reading by yourself supported by special rulers. Every page is fully animated and interactive, even the chandelier moves!

*****Lola Slug’s illustrations were featured twice in the Italian Illustration Annual.*****
*****Lola Slug’s app was featured on Wired Italia,, Mamamò and DeAbyDay Genitori & Figli,, Friendship Circle*****

Lola Slug is part of the Know What is Inside project: it doesn’t contain any in-app purchases, child-accessible links, connections to social media, publicity or tricks.

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